Parking Birds.

Today I dress like homeless.

I want to live in cardboard box.

Also there are 4 black birds on my fence.

There cute.


Hat- *dg* whispering forest (ruby69kill Moonites).

Hair- [kik]hair-Kath (as001 Littlething).

Glasses- DUBOO*autumn glasses (Newreem Waffle).

Scarf- duboo.for your warm winter [mint dot] (Newreem Waffle).

Top- Modd.G [FW10.3] Kook Vintage Dress [modded] (moddishh GossipGirl).

Skirt- GATO- Raw Skirt (Lalu Bonetto).

Arm Thingys- Modd.G Lori Gloves Black (free) [modded and change color on PS] (moddishh GossipGirl).

Bag- DCCXXIII BAG 02MINI BOX (natu Ellils).

Sammich- Modd’s Grilled Cheesus (left hand) (moddishh GossipGirl).

Shoes- {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots ~ Chestnut (Elie Spot).

Skin- .::Mother Goose’s::.MOMO SkiN_1L [modded on PS] (milok Hermit).

If your in doubt live in a park.

I do its great.


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