Grass Toast.

In New Zealand its summer.

Grass is everywhere.

Including my toast.


Hair- !Ohmai : Narae {hearty AMERICANO} (Anya Ohmai).

Glasses- Reek – Junior Shades (Riq Graves).

Scarf- (TokiD) a scarf (black) (Maya Levane).

Top- (Milk Motion)my loose tshirt black flowers (Marie Lauridsen).

Camera- Modd.G [FW10.3] Vintage Flash Camera (moddishh Gossipgirl).

Pants- (Milk Motion) my highwaist pants (Marie Lauridsen).

Socks- -LMK-Basic knee knit socks (Black) (Light Claven).

Shoes- [Docs] 8 Hole – M – BLACK [bagged] wear (Gospel Voom).

Skin- ROZENA SKIN ~Winnie~ orange (Lindsay Rozen).

Poses- *hate me and eat me* [Exclusive to Props and Poses fair].

Cats go meow.

Dogs cry.


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