Hello everyone! Wah rl has been a bit hectic atm. I hope you are all well ❤ I did a look today using cute cute cute yum things from HOF and used amazing poses by -no wow-  . Oh! Also I wore magic mesh top made by NYU !

hair : !Ohmai : Narae {mellow MACCHIATO} (Anya Ohmai)

skin : GATO- Natalia Skin (Lalu Bonetto) ❤

blouse : Nyu – Debut, Vintage Blouse, Nude/Red (NyuNyu Kimono) ❤

bag : Color.Me.H.O.F [VanDerSatchel[Brown] (Fashionboi Landar) ❤

shorts : (Milk Motion) My leather shorts (Marie Lauridsen)

shoes : HouseofFox :: JusticeWedges[Solid Socks] (Fashionboi Landar) ❤

lips : Cheap Makeup- Miss Priss Lipstick 9 (Stella Semaphore)

pose : first pic : -no wow- [black poppies] different time, different love (Lisbeth Gummibaum)❤

pose : second pic : -no wow- [hunting bears] trickbox (Lisbeth Gummibaum)❤


Anyway! I am sorry I have had to recycle a lot of old things I dug up in my inventory! I am poor atm so I have no monies to buy the cool things hahaha! Anyway! Thats all!



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