Northern Wind.

Hey everyone! So I am finally doing a post on all the delicious things at C88! This look is kind of blan so sorry!! I really love these pants from FD! They are so cute and go with lots of things! I also really really really love these cute shoes from PRISS! Cute cute cute. Also I really love this skin! I think I just have a thing for red lips! Yummmm. I just really love a lot of things it seems hahaha!



hair – Clawtooth: Mademoiselle – Classic brunette (Bubbles Clawtooth)


skin – [Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Frenchie (Crushed Clarity)


cardigan – (Milk Motion) My short cardigan pale yellow (Marie Lauridsen)


blouse – [PO] Lena’s Monday Blouse – white (London Dailey)


pants – (fd) Pleated Pants (Pea) (Toast Bard)


bag – Color.Me.H.O.F [TheRoman2.0[Nautral] (Fashionboi Landar)


shoes – (PRISS) – Bow-Side Pumps in Choco (Erin Winterwolf)


poses – -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)


Thats it from me! Sorry about the crap editing of the picture! I don’t have photoshop atm :(( Anyway! Have a good day ❤

Tomato ❤


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