Tip of My Tongue.

Hello everyone ❤

So I am really, really, really in love with all the new Toki-Doki things! Maya has done such a wonderful job! I am really so happy with these cute sandals! Please go and buy them! Shoes are like my buzz. Anything that goes on your feet that could be just the slightest bit cute makes me drool hahaha. Also all this new mesh stuff is really cute omg! I just want to live in mesh hehe! GIVE ME MESH! Haha! ❤

hair – ++AY.LinE++Hydrangea[[Espresso]] (Anywa Nyoki)

skin – .::Mother Goose’s::.eliza (Milok Hermit)

top – (TokiD) spring top (calm peach) (MESH) (Maya Levane) ❤

necklace – [ glow ] studio – So long Necklace (leather) (Jocelyn Anatine)

bag – HouseofFox :: SteffaniLUXTote[Beige] (Fashionboi Landar)

shorts – -LMK-Suede highwaisted bow shorts (Brown) (Polina Kaestner)

shoes – (TokiD) casual sandals (beige) (Maya Levane) ❤

poses- -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)

Wah anyway! I just love all the new mesh items! Also I love Toki-Doki! GO THERE NOW!


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