The Great Estates.

Hi hi hi everyone! So omggggg I am frigen in love with ItGirls skins! They are so pretty! You should go and buy them!! They come with lots of pretty makeups and hair bases! Oh gosh I just love them. What the heck, they are so good okay! Thankyou so much for giving them to me Annie! ❤ I also really like the new bags from Tee*Fy as well! At the moment they are on sale for 75L! Go get it quick! My week has been so boring! I go back to Japan soon which should be fun! Anyway! here we go!


hair – [e] Say 2 – Blonde 04 (Elikapeka Tiramisu)


skin – IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Light Brows (Annie Jolifaunt) ❤❤❤


top – [apart of] Color.Me.H.O.F [ASimpleDress[Cream] (Fashionboi Landar) ❤


pants – (fd) Pleated Pants (Peach) (Toast Bard)


bag – Tee*fy Street Parker Bag Vintage Prints (Azure Electricteeth)


shoes – HouseofFox :: AcapellaPumpsV2[gold] (Fashionboi Landar) ❤


poses – -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)❤

Yum I just love this skin omg.


So yeah! I forgot to mention I really like these pumps! Yummmm shoes are so delicious! Fash did such a great job on them! GO AND GET THEM AS WELL! If its the last thing you do make sure you get ItGirls Skins and everything from HouseOfFox.


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