Hi everyone! This is a look I did but never did credits because i was sick and lazy and blah! Anyway! I think you guys should all go to *tea time* it is actually such a good store ooooh my gosh! It is beautiful and delicious and wah ❤ anyway! I have blogged these beautiful pants and necklace by them! wahhh so cute! GO THERE OKAY!

hair – [BURLEY]_Pippa_DBrown04 (Bella Earst)

necklace – FLOWER NECKLACE  *Tea Time* GSP (Tea Xofan) *Available at Grunge Soul Project*

top – (TokiD) spring top (calm tea) (MESH) (Maya Levane)

clutch – HouseofFox :: OnyxClutch Mesh[Brown] (Fashionboi Landar)

pants – MESH- SOFT CARNIVAL FASHION PANT *Tea Time* (Tea Xofan) *NEW*

shoes – Maitreya Gold * Moxie Browns (Onyx LeShelle)

poses- -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)


Faker Death.

Hi! I love the store u.f.o sooo much! The new things at Culture Shock and c88 are so nice! You should really check it out!!! Also I love this fluffy hair from Lelutka waha!

hair – [LeLutka]-RYKIEL hair – SoySauce (Thora Charron)

skin – ITGIRLS – Florrie Skin/ Pale (Annie Jolifaunt)

top – (Milk Motion) My loose tee (Mesh) – tiger black (Marie Lauridsen)

skirt – ::{u.f.o}::between the line(mesh) –  navy (charming Meiler) *Available at Culture Shock 2012*

bag – {mon tissu} Envelope Clutch ~ Brown (Anouk Spot)

shoes – (TokiD) gladiator sandals (brown) (Maya Levane)

I hope you have a lovely time! ❤


I am back again!!!! Here is another post for you! I love these booties and these awesome pants yay!

hair – “”D!va”” Hair “Vivienne” (Type A)(Brown diamond) (Marisa Kira) *Available at c88 this month*

skin – ITGIRLS – Wixson Skin/ Pale (Annie Jolifaunt)

blazer – {SMS} Boyfriend’s Blazer Paisley Techno 3 (Irie Campese)

top – Color.Me.H.O.F [MyCropCorset[Black] (Fashionboi Landar) *Available at c88 this month*

pants – ISON – high waisted cigarette trousers (red) (Harry Hyx)

shoes – ::LC:: Distress Wedge Bootie Coal (Piinky Chrome)

poses – -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)


Thats it from me again! ❤

Constant Surprises.

Hi everyone! I just love these new lamb hair waaaah soooooo cute! Someone should just give me 82948239482L so i can buy more haha!

hair – !lamb. Ruby (Mesh) – Mint (Lamb Bellic)

skin&lips – IT GIRLS -Florrie Pale / Dark Brows (Annie Jolifaunt)

cardigan – [pivaaca] Leopard Cardigan – *Gray Beige* (Trish Blanco)

top – (TokiD) cotton shirt (cross) [MESH] (Maya Levane)

pants – Nyu – Debut, Hi-Waist Pants, Maroon (NyuNyu Kimono)

poses – -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)


Thanks again guys! ❤

I Follow Rivers.

Hey guys! I am back! Also my laptop is fixed pheeeew! Anyway I love the new c88 things and culture shock is lovely as well! ❤ (fd) keeps on bringing out the best things! I always get excited to go and see haha! I love these shorts so much!  GO BUY GUIZZZZ! <33333

hair – .: vive nine :. DreamCatcher in Albine (Sanya Bilavio) *c88 this month*

glasses – Alphavillain Gatcha 2.3 – Pacifist Glasses (Green) (Laika Saintlouis)

lips – IT GIRLS- Florrie Lip – 6 (Annie Jolifaunt)

skin – IT GIRLS -Florrie Pale / Dark Brows (Annie Jolifaunt)

necklace – [ glow ] studio – Kolia spiked necklace (black) (Jocelyn Anatine)

top – ISON – draped crop tee (black) (Harry Hyx) *Culture Shock 2012*

bag – Color.Me.H.O.F [TheRoman2.0[Black] (Fashionboi Landar)

shorts – (fd) Daydream Shorts (Plum + Nightmare) (Toast Bard) *c88 this month*

shoes – ISON – aline bootie (black) (Harry Hyx) *Culture Shock 2012*

poses – -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)


Thanks for reading! See you soon I hope! ❤

Sleeping Giant.

Hi again! I am back with another look! Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!! I love the new stuffs at House of Fox at the moment! Go check it out at culture shock!Image

hair – -LaViere- Astris –  Faded Ombre (Azure Electricteeth)

glasses – (Yummy) Anouk Glasses – Tortoise (Polyester Partridge) *available at c88*

skin – ITGIRLS – Daph Skin/ Pale (Annie Jolifaunt)

bag – Color.Me.H.O.F [VanDerSatchel[Brown] (Fashionboi Landar)

undershirt – [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse – white (London Dailey)

shirt – (NO) Ahoy Frenchie Top – Dark Navy (Nylon Pinkney) *available at c88*

skirt – Color.Me.H.O.F [MySilkSkirt MESH[Milk] (Fashionboi Landar) *NEW* *Available at Culture Shock*

socks – (TokiD) high spring shoes (apart of spring shoe gacha) (Maya Levane)

shoes – (PRISS) – Bow-Side Pumps in Choco (Erin Winterwolf)

poses – -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum) ❤


Thanks for coming! I am really hungry and I want cake waaaaah!

Some Nights.

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been away! I was on a wee work trip! Anyway I am baaaack! Hope you guys have been alright! I am really in love with everything from Glow! It is so good! Waaaah! Also! I really love this top by Gato waaah!


hair – .: vive nine :. Head Games in Auburn (rooted) (Sanya Bilavo)

skin – ITGIRLS – Wixson Skin/ Pale (Annie Jolifaunt)

bag – [ glow ] studio – Mink brown fur satchel zipper (brown leather) (Jocelyn Anatine)

top – GATO- Country Blouse (Mesh) (Lalu Bonetto)

pants – (TokiD) rolled chinos (beige) [MESH] (Maya Levane)

shoes – (Milk Motion) My wood sandals *natural* (Marie Lauridsen)


Wah! I will be putting a few looks out in the next couple of days for you guys!!!

Beth / Rest

Hello everyone!!!!!

I hope you are all doing fine! I am so sorry I have not posted for a while! I am so lazy wah -___- anyway! I just love tokidoki soooo much I could die! Everyone go there please oh please! heheh! I also have to say I am so much in love with ItGirls skins soooo much! I love this skin called Florrie! When you buy skin it comes with light and dark brow and sooo many makeups! Also it has a cool teeth layer that looks super cute no matter what your shape looks like!

hair – Clawtooth: Mademoiselle – Coffee (Bubbles Clawtooth)

skin – IT GIRLS -Florrie Pale / Dark Brows (Annie Jolifaunt)

top – (TokiD) spring top (simple red) (MESH) (Maya Levane)

bag – [ glow ] studio – Mink brown fur satchel zipper (brown leather) (Jocelyn Anatine)

scarf – J.E.M scarf fox (Maiali Haiku)

pants – VENENO // Calf Harem Pants (Stevenzuuh GossipGirl)

shoes – (TokiD) casual sandals (light) (Maya Levane)

poses – -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)

Bye for now!!! ❤

toma ❤

The Great Estates.

Hi hi hi everyone! So omggggg I am frigen in love with ItGirls skins! They are so pretty! You should go and buy them!! They come with lots of pretty makeups and hair bases! Oh gosh I just love them. What the heck, they are so good okay! Thankyou so much for giving them to me Annie! ❤ I also really like the new bags from Tee*Fy as well! At the moment they are on sale for 75L! Go get it quick! My week has been so boring! I go back to Japan soon which should be fun! Anyway! here we go!


hair – [e] Say 2 – Blonde 04 (Elikapeka Tiramisu)


skin – IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Light Brows (Annie Jolifaunt) ❤❤❤


top – [apart of] Color.Me.H.O.F [ASimpleDress[Cream] (Fashionboi Landar) ❤


pants – (fd) Pleated Pants (Peach) (Toast Bard)


bag – Tee*fy Street Parker Bag Vintage Prints (Azure Electricteeth)


shoes – HouseofFox :: AcapellaPumpsV2[gold] (Fashionboi Landar) ❤


poses – -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)❤

Yum I just love this skin omg.


So yeah! I forgot to mention I really like these pumps! Yummmm shoes are so delicious! Fash did such a great job on them! GO AND GET THEM AS WELL! If its the last thing you do make sure you get ItGirls Skins and everything from HouseOfFox.

Tip of My Tongue.

Hello everyone ❤

So I am really, really, really in love with all the new Toki-Doki things! Maya has done such a wonderful job! I am really so happy with these cute sandals! Please go and buy them! Shoes are like my buzz. Anything that goes on your feet that could be just the slightest bit cute makes me drool hahaha. Also all this new mesh stuff is really cute omg! I just want to live in mesh hehe! GIVE ME MESH! Haha! ❤

hair – ++AY.LinE++Hydrangea[[Espresso]] (Anywa Nyoki)

skin – .::Mother Goose’s::.eliza (Milok Hermit)

top – (TokiD) spring top (calm peach) (MESH) (Maya Levane) ❤

necklace – [ glow ] studio – So long Necklace (leather) (Jocelyn Anatine)

bag – HouseofFox :: SteffaniLUXTote[Beige] (Fashionboi Landar)

shorts – -LMK-Suede highwaisted bow shorts (Brown) (Polina Kaestner)

shoes – (TokiD) casual sandals (beige) (Maya Levane) ❤

poses- -no wow- (Lisbeth Gummibaum)

Wah anyway! I just love all the new mesh items! Also I love Toki-Doki! GO THERE NOW!